this domain is for sale

Welcome to www.G4E.com. This domain is FOR SALE! It is super short and has great possibilities. There are hardly any domains this short, which makes it very valuable. The three letters can be used for many purposes, especially to promote e-commerce or e-business.

How about the following website ideas?

-   go for e-business
-   go for e-commerce
-   go for e-filing
-   go for e-mail
-   go for e-learning
-   go for e-cards
-   go for e-books
-   go for e-zines
-   go for e-journal
-   go for e-shopping
-   go for e-voting
-   go for e-protest
-   go for e-procurement
-   go for e-shop
-   go for e-volution
-   go for e-biz
-   go for e-motion
-   go for e-publishing
-   go for England
-   go for Egypt
-   go for Europe

Or make your own version, like:

-   goods for Europe
-   great for enjoying
-   God for everyone
-   good for each
-   goodies for erotic
-   go for elections
-   girls for erotica
-   girls for entertainment
-   George for elections
-   Germany for euro
-   great for education
-   great for entertainment
-   great for expression
-   guide for executives
-   guide for Europe
-   ...

You will hardly find any dot-com domain as short and powerfull as this!!


If you are interested in buying this domain, send us a bid at: Only serious bids will get a reply. Bidding starts at $100,000.